The Leids Kamerkoor currently has vacancies for a low alto. Interested singers are warmly invited to come and experience some rehearsals.

Are you looking for a quality chamber choir, and a group of committed singers that takes on inspiring, special projects ?  Then the Leids Kamerkoor has something to offer you.

Singing with pleasure is a core value for us, and therefore we rehearse quite intensively. New members are expected to have choral experience, musicality and the ability to study scores and learn the music outside rehearsals. We also expect you will contribute to the further development of the choir. The LKK also makes space for meeting and relaxation, and the good atmosphere among members is a strong point.


Are you interested ? Then make an appointment to join some rehearsals under no obligation.  Contact:

Marie-Louise Kamphuis

If the chemistry is right, you can take an audition. In the audition, our conductor tests the quality of your voice with some short exercises, as well as your feel for rhythm and melody and your sight-reading skills. To this end, we kindly request you bring along a piece of music that you already know.  After the audition an immediate decision will be taken on whether your voice and quality of singing meet the choir’s standards and whether there is place in the choir. (If there isn’t a vacancy for you at that point, we will be pleased to put you on the waiting list).

The choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 8pm-10.15pm in the Lentelokale, Haagweg 4 (next door to Theater Ins Blau) in the heart of Leiden.  In addition, every year we hold one or two study days in or nearby Leiden, and once per year a rehearsal weekend away from Leiden.  Members pay a contribution of €36 per month.