Relationships with our extended community in the Leiden region are important for us.  We are therefore also proud to be associated with the following organisations:

De Leidse KoorschoolDe Leidse Koorschool: Singing for children and adults. The Leidse Koorschool (Leiden Choir School) was founded in 2012 under the philosophy: making music together is sharing pleasure together.

That pleasure grows with one’s understanding of music.  Education therefore comes first and foremost at the Leidse Koorschool.

Contact Groep Leidskoren

Contactgroep Leidse Koren: Grouping of Choirs in the Leiden Region. Around 40 choirs in the Leiden region have membership of the Contact Group. That means some 1400 singers. We strive to coordinate the planning of our concerts; to foment collaboration between choirs; to exchange information on choral music; and to nurture our community interests.


Bibliotheek plus Centrum – Centrum voor Amateurkunst.


Leidse Koorboeken.


Leids Amateur Kunstfestival.



Leidse Hout Festival.